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 Our Goal with New Mexico Highlands University

NLRSP: Pre-Collegiate Academy has partnered with New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) to create a one of a kind College Pipeline Program “Desert Trail to the Highlands.” Under this college pipeline program, the NLRSP: Pre-Collegiate Academy seeks to do the following:

  • Further develop and expand the partnership between the Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians (TMDCI) and New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU).
  • Establish curricula that focus on Native Issues through Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) and Humanities Departments.
  • Expose high school students to NMHU’s campus environment.
  • Prepare students for college entrance and an education at New Mexico Highlands University.
  • Provide Career Guidance for participating students through Counselor Support by NMHU staff.
  • Establish an Alumni partnership between enrolled NMHU students and prospective Native students.
  • Continue a Parent College Tool-Box Program with the parent(s) of NMHU Students.

For Desert Trail to the Highlands it is essential that our native students have a sense of ownership of their heritage. This program will empower our students by providing curriculum that focuses on the history of Native Americans:

Educational seminars
  • Seminars taught by NMHU professors.
Student Seminars
  • Current NMHU students with Majors that focus on Native Issues
  • Testimonials by current NMHU on daily dorm life, campus activities, organizations, etc.
To include:
  • Campus Tour:
  • Las Vegas, New Mexico Tour
  • Regional Tour
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