Solid Waste

Tribal Lead Grant Program:

This program supports Tribal Educational outreach and baseline assessments of Tribal Children’s exposure to lead-based paint and related lead –based paint hazards.

This grant will fund efforts to reduce the incidence of childhood lead poisoning in the tribal community. Activities for this grant include:

  • Educational Outreach.
  • Data Gathering
  • Inspections
  • Risk Assessments
  • Training
  • To develop new and innovative approaches to identify or reduce lead poisoning.

General Assistance Plan:

The purpose of GAP is to support the development of elements of a core Tribal environmental protection program. In order to achieve this goal, Torres Martinez Tribe, with EPA’s assistance should work to do the following:

  • Identify baseline environmental needs in order to build capacity to administer an Environmental program or develop a Tribal environmental program that is tailored to the Tribe needs.
  • Establish the administrative, legal, technical and enforcement capability to develop and implement a Tribal environmental program, including the capacity to manage EPA- delegated programs.
  • Foster compliance with federal environmental statues by developing appropriate Tribal environmental programs, ordinances and public education and outreach programs.
  • Establish a Tribal communications capability to work with Federal, State, Local, Tribal and other environmental officials.
  • Establish the Tribal capacity to develop and implement management programs through program- specific assistance.

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