RFP 10302 – TANF 2021-2022 Tutoring Program – Palmdale Site

The Palmdale TMTTANF program is seeking qualified vendors to deliver after school virtual tutoring services, with in-person services if and when COVID restrictions are lifted, to eligible youth under the TANF Program. Through this RFP, the Palmdale TMTTANF program seeks to establish a network of tutors, employed either (1) through local agencies and organization, or (2) as independent subcontractors, to provide youth tutoring services to address the needs of students who need academic support. The tutoring services must be designed to increase academic achievement in reading and mathematics of eligible students and enable students to attain proficiency in meeting State academic achievement standards in reading and mathematics. Tutoring services offered must remediate their basic skills deficiencies and facilitate their completion and attainment of a high school diploma. The contractor must offer tutorial services in all core subject areas.

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